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Senate of Faculty

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia number 99 of 2016 concerning the statutes of the Syiah Kuala University (USK) article 39 paragraph 2, what is meant by the Faculty Senate, hereinafter abbreviated as SF, is an element of the Faculty that carries out the function of consideration of the dean in academic implementation. within the Faculty.

SF members consist of:

Dean and Vice Deans

Active professor

Head of Division

Pre-clinical Lecturer Representative

Clinical Lecturer Representative

Study Program Coordinator

The Faculty Senate is in charge of:

> Formulate Faculty plans and policies in academic and non-academic fields

> Assessing academic achievement and ethics, skills, and personality integrity of Lecturers in the Faculty

> Formulate norms and benchmarks for the implementation of Faculty administration and assess the implementation of the duties of Faculty leaders

> Provide opinions and suggestions for the smooth management of the Faculty

> Giving consideration to the proposed Faculty Annual Work Plan and Budget

> Approving the proposed curriculum change and giving consideration to the administration of the Faculty

> Conducting screening of prospective Dean candidates and proposing them to the Chancellor

> Giving consideration to the candidate for Deputy Dean proposed by the Dean

> Approve the proposed appointment of Professors and proposals for promotions and positions

> Carry out other duties as stipulated in the Rector's Regulation

In carrying out its duties, the Faculty Senate forms a commission. The commissions are:

Commission I (Academic Field).

Commission II (Faculty Development Sector).

Commission III (Sector of Ethics).

Members of the Faculty Senate for the 2020-2024 period are: 44 people. The Faculty Senate holds the SF plenary meeting once a month; under certain conditions a special Plenary Meeting may be held.

Management of the Senate of the Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University for the 2020-2024 Period